A Full-Service Insurance Claims
Technology Solutions Provider

Propellint is a full-service insurance claims technology solutions provider, offering a range of services to meet your diverse business technology needs. 

Full Application Implementations

Looking For A New Technology Solution That Fits Your Business Needs?

Acquiring and implementing a new technology platform can be daunting. Choosing the right partner not only gives you the peace of mind that an implementation is done right, but also provides you with the right tools to maximize a platform’s capabilities and your bottom line. Our team of expert consultants has guided 100+ businesses through implementations of all sizes, providing continued support and guidance thereafter.

System Enhancements

Looking To Enhance Or Add New Functions & Features To Your Current Technology Solution?

If you already have a technology system in place but you’re looking to upgrade, modify, or add to your current solution, the Propellint team specializes in custom deliveries that maximize your current business structure.

Expert Support

Looking For A Reliable Extension Of Your Team Dedicated To Understanding Your Technology Needs?

No question will go unanswered while working with Propellint’s team of experts. The most important question for us to answer is “How Can We Ensure that You Get the Most Out of Your Solution?”

360 Business Review

Looking For An In-Depth Audit Of Your Current Business?

The Propellint Process begins with a full review and audit of your business. We work to vet options, provide thoughtful recommendations, and conduct a series of working sessions – all in the first week of service:


  • Perform a “day-in-the-life” immersion exercise
  • Identify optimizations to refine your current processe
  • Surface untapped opportunities within your ecosystem
  • Educate and empower your staff on releases and features to propel your business forward

Comprehensive Technical Review

Looking To Speed Up, Polish, Or Upgrade Your Current Systems?

The Propellint team understands that technology systems are not one-size-fits-all. Our experts review your current environment(s), provide actionable recommendations, and the toolkit to maximize Claims Solution performance.

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